Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The names FASH, GFASH. 00 STYLE.

Bond is a character every man aspires to be. Even if it is just in appearance. He is sharply dressed, wears well-cut, and sophisticated clothing, visits exotic beautiful locations and saves the world all whilst being a gentleman. When seeking dapper inspiration there is no finer example than 007.
Photographer: Irina Krupovich

With that inspiration in mind and an invite in hand to attend The Globe-Trotting PR, A Caring Experience at Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, I chose to unleash my own 00 style but step away from the usual traditional tuxedo. I required something a little more lavish.

Times have changed and the velvet suit is no longer the armour reserved for Austin Powers to fight Doctor Evil or for the bunny partying late Hugh Hefner. Velvet is back, in all its plush luxurious glory, assuring refinement and elegance. Hence why it continues to take over my wardrobe. Velvet is ultra luxurious with its chic polished style and adds some serious grunt to an outfit with its subtle yet commanding presence.


Photographer: Irina Krupovich

A typical suit worn for work or less-formal events such as business meetings and attending weddings would not suffice for such an event, nor would off the rack. Having researched off the rack tuxedos from a number of Australian brands, I was told the suit would require multiple alterations to have it fit my frame perfectly. As my new year resolution is to shop smarter and better, I knew that I would not be happy wearing a suit that many other gents had, yet alone the cost involved of the suit and further costs for multiple alterations. For this occasion there was no other choice than to go bespoke, made to measure. It’s what Bond would do.

With this in mind it was an ideal choice for this very special event to visit The Spectre Collection prior to departing Melbourne to discuss the event, purpose of the event, who would be in attendance, and of course of my personality and style. With anything in my wardrobe it needs to suit(see what I did there)my personality.
Photographer: Irina Krupovich

The final product was absolutely outstanding and one of my favourite outfits I wore in Paris. The tailoring is exquisite for the modern guy with its subtle details in the lapel, pockets and don’t get me started on the lining. Small details make for simple classic elegance, which is what really defines a Bond look. A traditional tuxedo would feature a satin lapel and a stripe down the side seam of the pant. As much as I enjoy military details I wanted the luxurious modern blue and black plush fabric to speak for itself. 
Complimenting the suit, I had a custom made to measure shirt created, which I believe every gent should have in his wardrobe. You would assume incorrect if you thought this would hit your wallet hard. Truth is, custom made shirts are roughly the same price as quality made shirts hanging in most department stores around the country. I opted with further customisation with double cuffs, to show off suave cuff links of course. A classic white shirt is all a man truly needs and will always be a wise investment. 
Photographer: Kseniakuznetsovaphotography

A velvet suit is not traditional black tie, but who follows the rules these days? Tick the black tie dress code boxes by adding a bow tie for a more formal look. I opted for a black velvet bow tie that has been making a strong impact on menswear thanks to designers such as Tom Ford. However this suit would look equally as good with a traditional tie. 
Photographer: Kseniakuznetsovaphotography

When wearing such a suave suit you also need the appropriate footwear. Ticking more boxes like I did by opting for a black patent lace up. Just be sure to go up a size when first purchasing as patent rarely gives and moulds to your foot like normal leather does. As much as I love my patent shoes, I binned them after a few wears trotting around Paris due to them being ridiculously uncomfortable. 

I can hear your questions now. How and where would I wear such a suit? Traditionally a suave suit such as this should only be worn only after 7pm or to private and public dinners, events, balls, and parties where dress code is enforced. In my case A Caring Experience by le Monde de GHRIBI

Once again the suit can also be worn as two seperate pieces and down graded to smart casual attire. A good pair of dark tailored trousers or even dark denim jeans, open collar shirt, or no collar, all would be a great looks for dinner, dates or heading out to a bar. Obviously velvet shouldn’t be worn in summer but is perfect for blocking out the winter chills. 

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner 007 by giving your evening attire a lavish spin. Take a classic and make it your own.

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