Sunday, 18 March 2018

SPATIVM MODA - Salon Presentation

As fashion trends come and go, and elaborate stunts on the catwalk reach new extremes to keep consumers interested, a lot can be said for the elegant tradition of an intimate presentation. 
eLsi FVCINA Luxury Milan Fashion Week 2018
eLsi and FVCINA Luxury Combined

During Milan Fashion Week I had the delight of attending a salon presentation with a curated assortment of luxury designers helmed by Taerus PR. A salon presentation is a strong medium for showcasing collections outside of the traditional runway and this presentation communicated luxury designs to the press and public hosted by TB Milano.

At a runway you have approx 15 seconds to study the details of a garment and view a gracious bow or wave from a designer. At an intimate salon presentation you will experience the products up close and personal and able to inspect the details and hear about the design process. Walking into the TB Milano showroom was like walking into an elegant giant closet consisting of pure luxury items. It allowed designers to display their collection in a more intimate setting, and encouraged interaction between brands and the audience. 
Circled Life Fashion Design
Circled Life by eLsi

This was such the case with eLsi coutuer. eLSi is an Armenian prestigious fashion house who debuted their new collection in Milan. Having the opportunity to see the colourful collection “Circled Life” personally and up close was an art form in itself where the audience can get closer to the elegance of clean lines, bold colour and notable pieces that can be worn various ways. More bang for your buck.

Musher Italia displayed leather goods including jackets, gloves and small leather goods. The craftsmanship and attention to details are exquisite with their leather studded and embossed techniques. Classic design lines with a funky and fresh use of details making their pieces androgynous and very powerful. All I could think of was how much Lucy Liu would totally rock their jackets.

luxury leather goods Musher Italia Milan fashion
Leather details by Musher Italia

Utterly thrilling was the brand Fvcina. The epitome of absolute luxury. The designs are all hand crafted combining beautiful materials and bold colours. Their Devine use of animal skins are the things that lavish dreams are made of. From python to crocodile, and clutches adorned with emerald stones, Fvcina is the true definition of luxury. The classic lines of their bags, satchels and clutches are pleasing to the eye, and upon closer inspection the hardware and lining is unmistakeably bold and modern. Fvcina and their creative director Stefano Sanvido clearly understand their client who appreciates beautiful items made to the highest of quality. Speaking with Mr Sanvido he discussed how the precious metal hardware is constructed in one single piece and how each innovative piece is all hand made. The creative process is flawless and the finished products speak for themselves and will have you salivating at the mouth. Furthermore they offer full customisation! Now that’s luxury.

Gfashcollective with  FVCINA Creative Director Mr Stefano Sanvido

Whilst my focus was on the fashion, it was hard not to be enthralled by the art that was on display by Giorgio de Chirico. As I have always said, and now heard echoed across to our European cousins, fashion is art, art is fashion. Beautiful sculptures and artworks adorned the showroom. 
TB Milano Showroom MILAN FASHION WEEK 2018
With the dedicated effort from Taerus PR and TB Milano showroom the reimagined fashion presentation is here to stay.


  1. A great event in the name of luxury, and you were the most awaited guest. <3

    1. It was a splendid event that really captured what Luxury truly is. My absolute honour to attend.