Sunday, 25 June 2017


Everyone knows that I simply adore a good shop. I am always asked where I shop and how I find so many bargains. As much as online shopping has its place in the world, there is nothing like the immediate satisfaction of falling in love with an item and taking it home. In saying that, discount shopping does not mean stalking people for a car space on Saturday mornings at your local DFO or finding the same stock from a retailer in their flagship store vs their outlet. In fact if you know where to shop and hidden stores perfect for sourcing new pieces, you will find you will not discount shop every again.

Where to shop in Melbourne

In this post I am going to take you on a little adventure inside one of my favourite hot spots for unique, quality goods and finding a stellar bargain or two that is located about 15 minutes from Melbourne CBD. This location always has the goods and I can honestly say I have never walked out without at least two pieces (and I visit fortnightly).

Factory outlet shopping does not mean you need to be digging through a bin or trying to find your size in a pile of twisted garments whilst being starred at by an angry shop assistant. The store layout  is beautifully managed, catagorised to assist with ease of shopping, merchandised with expertise and it is clean and lit very well. Almost like you are in a higher end store, just with more stock! You will be pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism, passion, product and people in this one stop, must shop destination. This location is not just for the fellas. So ladies, grab your tote, slip on your shoes and head on down.

Ted Baker is the place to shop for men in Melbourne

One of Melbourne's best kept secrets is Flair Industries in Preston, Victoria. Ted Baker, Hugo Boss, Wolf Kanat and Flair Industries goods are on offer at massively discounted prices. The "normal" discounted shopping experience does not apply here. The staff great you with warmth and personality and offer to guide you through the rather large store. Their passion for the brands shines through with their product knowledge for each brand and upcoming stock and sales coming to the store and helpful styling tips.

Shopping guide Melbourne

Personally I am a major fan of Ted Baker. The quirky style, use of bold colours, fabrics and prints suits me perfectly. There is a timelessness to Ted Baker and it's Glasgow roots that allows for items not to date whilst providing a freshness and uniqueness that is not like other designers. You know I am not afraid to wear a rocking print or super colourful items. One of the hidden gems of this location is the samples. I personally love finding sample pieces as they are not mass produced items, they tend to be more fearless in creativity and there is an exclusivity to owning them. There are samples everywhere in this location and its one of the major drawcards for me. If you want to carry a bag that no on else has, then this is the place for you. You need some new shoes but want something a little quirky to stand out from the crowd, step right up, take a seat on the nice benches and try them on. I kid you not, this place is a shoeaholics dream!

bargain and sales for fashionistas

Being a serious shopper for a very long time, I cannot understand why anyone would opt for run of the mill budget brands when this outlet has reasonably priced 'no ordinary designer' looks. Most shirts at the outlet are $40-$70 dollars and the quality is far superior, there is more variety in prints, colours and sizing. Shoes range in price from $70 dollars upwards (even cheaper with their twice yearly sample sale). My love affair with beautiful things can flourish in store as I try on sample shoes after sample shoes, all amazingly created with uniqueness.

Ted Baker style

Desire and passion go hand and hand, and at the Ted Baker outlet, you can literally walk out with all that you're craving (or if you're anything like me, so much more). Ted Baker's passion for quality shines through in the smaller details, such as buttons, stitching and fabric choices. I challenge you to pick up a bag and inspect the finer details of the hardwear, the two coloured shoe laces on the shoes, the collars on the shirts, the details are completely exquisite. If you don't walk out with something, you clearly need to seek help.

menswear shopping in Australia Ted Baker style

Let's delve a little further and look at the in-store gems that are available. Their are gorgeous suits and I mean gorgeous. Waistcoats, trousers, jeans oh my. Shirts, polo's, jackets, blazers and coats. Did you say accessories? Well belts, gloves, bags and shoes........honestly there is everything! I have fallen in love with many suits that you just do not see in mainstream menswear lines in Australia. These suits are perfect for weekends in Portsea, destination weddings in exotic locations and red carpet events. And men, this is just not for you, grab the girls and head in as they have just as much for women! Yes this location has a massive amount of women's wear. You could easily spend a good hour to two in this store. There is so much to look at and try on in the spacious change rooms and the hardest decision will be, "do I buy it all?"

the how to shop guide

where I shop in Melbourne

best menswear in Melbourne

The richness of this discount shopping adventure is superior to the after hours mobile online shopping. Online shopping has become an everyday part of our lives and I personally find it very soul-less. I adore the shopping experience of trying items on, falling in love with the quality of a leather, engagement with staff and grabbing that bag after swiping the credit card. As much as I like to shop online (purely as I cannot find what I want in Australia) there is nothing like physically being present and experiencing the passion, products and people associated with such great brands like Ted Baker. Brand loyalty is rare these days as the fashion industry has evolved and tries to cater for everyone's needs and desire to mass produce rather than be original. Its brands like Ted Baker that consistently deliver with creativity, quality and style and all this is wrapped up in great pricing and a positive shopping experience with wonderful interaction from staff. How can online compare?

You could easily be distracted by the other brands on offer at this location. Especially Wolf Kanat, the tailoring and exquisite fabric choices are refreshing to suiting in Australia. If you are from Melbourne, or visiting, I would highly recommend a trip to Flair Industries on Albert Street, Preston. The staff are friendly and highly skilled, the stock is amazing, and the bargains are out of this world. I challenge you to find a better discount store in Melbourne that offers everything an A-grade shopping experience should be. This is why I am a Ted Baker devotee.

Flair Industries is located at 6 Albert Street Preston

Monday, 19 June 2017



Winter Feast Dark Mofo 2017

These days with budget airlines offering cheap fares to nearby cities for the cost of weekly transport to work, there has never been a better time to jump on a plane and explore. Yearly I make the sabbatical trip south to Hobart for the Dark Mofo festival. Dark Mofo is an annual festival curated by MONA and celebrates the darkness of the winter solstice with 2 weeks of non stop performance art, parties and showcases all of Tasmania's great produce. So how does one pack for a 3 day weekend away to "the island". Making most of the affordable airfares and only packing one bag is quite the task, especially when you need numerous outfits and costumes for parties. There has never been a more affordable time as ever to start travelling with only carry-on. How do you make the most of your carry on? Everything you will see I am wearing as carried in carry on luggage.

Choose your bag wisely

Firstly, packing well starts with choosing the right bag. It is so important. A well designed bag with pockets, zips and compartments will make packing a breeze. Select the right shape and size bag, in line with your airlines code for carry on. That is a given. Other important factors to consider is the weight of the bag, before it has items inside! It is wonderful to have a beautiful crafted bag with lots of embellishments, but this automatically makes your bag heavier. Make sure the bag is comfortable to carry, either by its handles or by shoulder strap. This bag will be attached to you for your trip. Personally I like to travel with some sort of style and grace. As much as a back pack has the benefits of keeping your arms free, there is nothing stylish about looking like someone on a tour group.


For this trip I have selected my trusty Ted Baker duffle bag. It fits the airlines codes and is lightweight, stylish and can hold up to a weeks worth of clothes.

Plan your outfits

This is the main step. Planning your ensembles accordingly to the activities that you will be attending. For instance for my trip to Hobart I required two outfits per day, plus two costumes (2x3+2= 8 outfits required) One mandatory item I required was a coat to brave the elements. Even though the city provides plenty of fire outdoors to keep you warm, you still need a coat. Obviously multi purpose items are great as they are easily combined. For instance I packed a reversible cloak coat from Jack London, two outfits one item of clothing. Choosing light weight fabrics that will dry quickly if you need to wash and rewear are a bonus!

When you have planned your outfits, you need to catagorise what you have (shirts, sweaters, jewellery) and see if the items can be mixed and matched with each other providing you with more combinations. If you wear lots of black this should be relatively easy. The next key step is CULL. Unless you are taking a certain necklace or shirt for a reason it does not belong in your suitcase. If it is a statement piece you require, I fully understand but you will need to play sacrifice. People tend to over pack and take too much with them and do not wear half of it. Take only what you need. If you are taking an item "just in case", don't even consider it.
Now of the outfits you have planned, you need to select what I call "your plane outfit" This is the outfit that has the most weight. Heaviest coat, heaviest shoes, denim and any of your bulkiest items. Of course you do not want to be a marshmallow sitting in your seat, but this is a very strategic way of boarding the plane with more goods. Especially if your flying into a colder climate, such as Tasmania. Getting more bang for your buck so to speak!


Coat: @oxfordshop
Sweater: @ted_baker
Shirt: @hm_man
Pants: @connor_clothing


Personally I do not travel with huge amounts of accessories or over pack. If I am flying to a warmer climate all I need is 5 swimsuits and a few singlets and shorts. I try to keep my shoe addiction to a minimum when packing, one pair on my feet and one in the bag. Truth be know in Tasmania you are not going to be wanting sandals at an event celebrating the winter solstice! Boots on the plane and the trusty Moschino loafers for walking around perhaps? Jewellery, scarves, gloves and watches I tend to wear on the plane or have stuffed inside my coat at check in. This is smarter way of boarding and saves on smaller items taking up room inside your carry on.


Transliminal Dark Mofo RBMA 2017

Suit & harness: @slickitup

Personally I am not a fan of travelling with huge amounts of electrical products. For a quick getaway I can normally get away with just my smart phone. I try not to bring big cameras, tablets etc. Although the one item I always bring is my trusty smart phone tripod to take pictures. It takes up relatively no room and weighs nothing!

How do I pack the bag?

Every little bit of space is prime real estate inside your bag. Place shoes and other flat items at the base of your bag. Socks, underwear etc roll up nicely to stuff inside your shoes. Roll all clothing tightly, this also cuts down on ironing at your destination. Do not fold. Any fragile items should be placed lastly or if they are smaller, stuffed inside another item. For this trip I had to travel with a bunny mask I had as part of my costume. This I literally carried onto the plane in a paper bag.


Sweater: no name
Shoes: @hm_man
Bag: @gucci
Sunglasses: no name


Other benefits to only selecting carry on includes saving time at the airport, no check ins required, head straight to the gate with your ticket, disembark the plane and head straight to your destination. You should not be stressed when going away and this is a simpler way of traveling and you need not worry that the airline has lost your baggage. It is a freeing experience to realise how much you actually don't need and you can experience the world without being burdened by "stuff" as Andrea would say. Looking forward to visiting Hobart very soon. It is a enchanting city that I wins a piece of my heart each time I travel there. In saying that I do look forward to coming home and going into my closet and saying hello to all the things that did not get to come with me.

Monday, 12 June 2017


Back in Melbourne after my vacation to Noosa and I am feeling the cold. From days on the beach soaking up the sun to jumping puddles and constant coffee runs to stay warm, there could not be more of a contrast. Either way I am to inspire both men and women with experimenting with their own personal style. To inspire you to engage with the world outside your front door and step out of your comfort zone. Clothes can either maketh the man or woman but in truth the clothes should not wear you. You should wear them, and they should make you feel amazing and be an extension of your personality. A great item to showcase your personality and style is the coat and that is what this post is all about.


Hat: @asos_man

Sunglasses: @lespecs
Coat: @vanheusenau
Shirt: @dangerfieldclothing
Scarf: vintage find

Gloves: @dentsgloves
Shoes: @jacklondon_official

Whether you're running around town attending gallery shows or catching up with friends over a nice brunch, make sure you're warm and cozy this winter. A wardrobe necessity for me is a good winter coat (or 3 or 4) Wherever you are this winter, you want to ensure that the coat you choose is both functional and stylish. Personally I favour long coats as I like to feel warm and secure. Bomber jackets and denim are great but not practical for cold winters in Melbourne or Hobart where you need a coat that can battle the elements. 

This coat is called "The Grant" from @oxfordshop Naturally I bought it 
Suit & shirt: @briggins_clothiers
Tie: @bows_n_ties
Shoes & bag: @ted_baker
Socks: @paulsmithdesign
Sunglasses: @gucci

Being a savvy individual I adore coats that are easily "Go-To" or "Do-It-All". Simply throw it on and run out the door and look effortlessly chic, coats that are able to be paired with many of your wardrobe items. Great coats will be fitted with some sort of stylish feature from buttons, fur trims, pipping, deep pockets and luxurious fabrics.

Sunglasses: @gucci
Scarf: @frenchconnection_au
Coat: @bossinimenswear 
Pants: @connor_clothing
Gloves: @dentsgloves
Shoes: @ash

Obviously this is one wardrobe item that does need to be fit for purpose and deliver in protecting your from the elements. You will find a large portion of winter coats will come with a hood. The aim of a winter coat FYI is to keep your body warmth in and block the elements from getting in. I look for deep pockets (user-friendly), high collars, and a point of difference in the details such as buttons. 


Coat: @boohooMANofficial
Shirt: @jamesharper_
Pants: @manuelritzofficial
Waistcoat: @connor_clothing
Shoes & bag : @ted_baker
Sunglasses: no name

Keep in mind when shopping for a coat what the material actually is. You will find these days most coats are not fully made of wool, or partial inferior fabrics and insulation are used. In saying that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars (so many great bargains around town) to get a great coat. There is a large variety of online retailers that produce quality winter coats for fraction of the price and the quality is quite good. 


Coat: @boohooMANofficial
Pants: @edderedidelduca
Shoes: @adidas
Scarf: @karllagerfeld
Bag: @ted_baker
Sunglasses: @lespecs
Gloves: @dentsgloves

The great thing about fashion and style (both two very different things) is there is no right or wrong these days. From clashing prints, to changing your body shape with the use of different fits and styles. Invest in a great coat and it will last years. I do not understand why people invest in something that does not fit their personal style and will be thrown out after the current season. Prime example is Burberry trench coats. They stand the test of time as they are classic and the quality is amazing. 


Cape coat: @jacklondon_official
Sweater: @oxfordshop
Shirt: @oxfordshop
Pants: @boohooMANofficial
Shoes: no idea

Family and friends always ask my advice with how to choose the right fit for a coat. Here are some handy tips:
1) If you cannot lift your arms parallel to the floor the coat is too tight
2) Swing a punch (seriously). If you cannot the coat is too tight across the back
3) Throw your keys or phone in the pockets, if it feels to restricted it is not for you
4) You need room for layers, such as suits, scarves and sweaters or thermals


Sunglasses: @gucci
Coat: @boohooMANofficial
Shirt: @oxfordshop
Pants: @topman
Shoes: @targetaus
Scarf: @frenchconnection_au

Make sure you're ready for the winter season with a great coat or two. My advice is to purchase a black and a camel. Always in fashion and remarkably go with everything. Shop smart and pick a great coat. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Noosa for my sisters wedding. Destination weddings are becoming oh so popular and the choice of location was meaningful for the couple tying the knot. Noosa is approx 30 mins from Sunshine Coast Airport with beaches all the way up the Queensland Coast. So once my duties of Man of Honour were over, it was time to throw on the dt's and jump in the pool and head to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. 

A brand I like to wear while being active in the water is Aussiebums. I like to support Australian products and brands as much as possible and Aussiebums is run completely from its headquarters in Sydney. The creative team design colourful cut swimwear and underwear in numerous flattering styles and materials. 

Swimwear: @aussiebum_team

Swimwear: @aussiebum_team

Swimwear: @aussiebum_team

Having hours to spend on the canals of Noosa paddling in canoes the Loose fit 1.5 dry quickly constructed from super thin nylon. The style above come with drawstring only around the waist which allows for great comfort when rowing for hours or kicking back with a beer soaking up the view of the canals.

Swimwear: @aussiebum_team

Swimwear: @aussiebum_team

I am not a fan of wearing items of clothing with big branding splashed across them. Adidas T-shirts and CK T-shirts are a pet hate of mine. Aussiebum give you the selection of not including their logo which I think is a very smart move. That way your swimsuit is always in style like this WJ Loose 2.5 Miami swimsuit. Again this has a drawstring pouch and wonder jock technology in the front. 

Swimwear: @aussiebum_team

The Classic 1.5 comes is a variety of colours. I adore pink. It is such a refreshing colour on men at the beach. Real men wear pink! This classic style is made from Nylon making them quick drying and ultra lightweight. They are perfect for running in and out of the surf and naturally easy to throw in your carry on luggage. The narrow waist and low cut style enhances your assets making them perfect for hours of soaking up the sun. 

Swimwear: @aussiebum_team

Don't be shy and cover up in long board shorts. There is nothing worse then being tangled in your swimwear when at the beach or pool. Ditch the board shorts once at the beach and get back to basics. There is a reason the old fashioned swimsuit is a classic. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017


I LOVE that military pieces pop up each and every season, it's classic and adaptable. Whether for fashion or for function, camouflague is forever! Get on board with this awesome print with camo ties and chinos, blazers, and even shoes. There has never been more ways to rock one of my favorite prints and unleash your inner soldier.


Look for individual pieces that scream you are the type of person with a distinct sense of personal style who simply doesn't care enough about trends. Finding these pieces will se you apart from the crowd, and for good reason.

Shirt: @oxfordshop
Pants: @edderedidelduca 
Gloves: @karllagerfeld 
Sunglasses: @lespecs
Bag: no name
Shoes: @hm_man


Clashing the print with other styles is what keeps this print alive with its playful colours. Use the print to contrast against blazers, fitted shirts and conservative wear. A pair of camo trousers or shorts paired with a classic tailored blazer can create a strong statement

Blazer: @oxfordshop
Shoes: @adidasau
T-shirt: @cottonon
Glasses: @kmartaus


Don't be afraid to wear the print with bold colours in Summer to brighten the streets. The one key rule is not to look like you about to go hunting in your camo. Think complimentary colours to the print, such as orange. 

Bag: @doucals
Sunglasses: @kmartaus


Choose smart pieces that you can adapt and mix and match. One of my favourites is the Roberto Cavalli bag. Highly adaptable. Try refreshing your wardrobe with one or two key accessories. Start with a statement bag or a small handkerchief scarf. 

Shoes: @doucals
Sunglasses: @kmartaus


Avoid dressing head to toe in the print. Unless you are ina beautifully tailored suit. I remind you, you want to look stylish, not like you are going deer hunting. 

Sunglasses: @gucci
Shirt: @cottonon
Jeans: @cottonon
Shoes: @moschino