Tuesday, 27 February 2018


It is my first overseas trip in over 7 years and boy am I doing it in style. The reason for the trip? Besides escaping the office and deserving a good holiday, research! Melbourne is ranked number 28 and Sydney 34 as fashion capitals of the world and it was time to step out the boarders of Australia and see how the Europeans do fashion week. Hello fashion week Milan and Paris.
The woman collection fashion shows are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system. The "Big 4" Milan, Paris, New York and London. They are the leaders in clothing and design for both men and women. First stop Milan. Milano Moda Donna has two annual editions: September/October (spring/summer collection) and February-March (fall/winter collection)which is the one I am attending. So far it has been absolutely amazing to be a part of the action:. 

Coming from an Australian summer to the cold of a European winter had it's challenges when it came to packing but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what’s in my suitcase to wet your appetite. Luckily there are some amazing bespoke menswear companies in Australia that bring some serious flavour to menswear and landed in my suitcase. I was lucky enough to pack some splendid winter pieces in my case to visit Duomo Di Milano and flounce past window displays that caused me to foam at the mouth at Piazza del Duomo.
Street style Milan 2018
I will cover off on the mind blowing experience of Milan Fashion Week in a later post(stay tuned) but for now, onto one of my favourite pieces in my case.  

I first saw this blazer on the FASHFEST runway in 2017, a bewitching purple velvet suit strutted down the catwalk and I was captivated by it. The designers are the team at Braddon Tailors BT It is super luxurious and is one of those iconic pieces that just screams style with its charismatic features. It is classic, a little sexy, opulent and completely fresh in this shade of majestic purple. This was the blazer I knew I would wear to an exclusive fashion party on the other side of the Duomo Di Milano from my hotel. I knew skipping across the pigeon flocked square would be something right out of an Italian cinematic movie. And it was. 
GFASHCOLLECTIVE in Milan Fashion Week
Every inch of this city is totally Instagram worthy.  All I can think about is photoshoots and how I would capture it if I was filming. It is somewhere between Hollywood's heyday of shooting in Italy and feeling like I you are constantly in a vogue shoot. But you cannot feel either way without having the right clothes to accompany such a magnetic backdrop. 

Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018
My love affair with double breasted has been a rocky road to say the least. Most ready-to-wear double-breasted blazers are less flattering as they are made for mass production and to fit an “ordinary” body. This is why it is the perfect excuse to shop smarter and having one made bespoke, and if you do there is no reason it shouldn’t be very flattering. Building a wardrobe that brings you confidence means saving dollars on current trends and investing in pieces that will stick by you for seasons to come. It has taken a little bit of experience with double breasted to embrace the style fully but one thing I have learnt is once you go bespoke, you wont go back!

So far I have observed that Italians wear everything from bold statement pieces to minimal silhouettes in punchy colours, and have such a unique take on personal style. It truly is inspiring and I feel energised by being surrounded by this constant smorgasbord feast for the eyes. I am so relieved to see maximalism has returned.Both men and women just throw out the rule book and have fun with clothes and how they are wearing them. Which is really the Italian culture is it not? 

Bravo Bravo

Photography by Tania Volobueva

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