Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Being from the fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne, I have a lot of expectations when it comes to fashion events. Melbourne is known as the “fashion capital” and we expect a lot from runway line ups, style and lifestyle. But what will Milan and Paris be like?
The womans fashion shows are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system. In Milan I will be attending one of the most important prêt-à-porter trade shows The One Milano as well as numerous shows and party's. I am looking forward to seeing what is forcasted and will eventually land on Aussie shores in four or five seasons. 

The invites from wonderful brands and organisers have rolled in and my itinerary is looking very solid for Paris as well. Fashion is the love of my life and I am very much looking forward to sharing all this wonderful content with you all via Instagram and Facebook

Over the past 12 months I have spent a considerable amount of time attending fashion events across the land down under. Hordes of bloggers, influencers and wannabes present their best offerings in the hope of striking fame whilst attending these shows with no real interest in the fashion. Of course these events are made to showcase the designers talent and for the dedicated fashion addicts and junkies like myself who want to be inspired and fall in love with the creativity and beauty of creative clothing.

In one short week I will board the plane and venture to Milan and Paris for the first time for fashion week. I am beyond thrilled to see the difference between Australian street style and what appears to be effortless European chic, let alone the talent of the runways and at the trade shows. At present there is snow on the streets of Paris and Milan appears to be gearing up for a week of fabulous fashion. 

As an Aussie that has never been to Milan or Paris, I think my heart is going to melt at all the wonderful chic people and it will be an experience like no other. After all both cities are in the “Big 4”, the 4 biggest cities for fashion is the world. 

I have always wanted to visit Paris since I was a young boy and now this Aussie will finally be able to stand in front of the Eiffel tower and let out a tear of joy right in the middle of fashion week. I wonder how many Instagram posts will follow?

Most of the fashion shows in Australia tend to produce safe versions of well groomed and pruned ensembles ready for the everyday consumer offering not much inspiration. The flare for dramatics or igniting a point of difference is what I am looking forward to and the use of colour, prints, fabric, materials and silhouettes. And the people!

I always have an appreciation for the talent of up and coming designers as well as established brands and am I am super excited to visit a number of stores I have been referred to for shopping.  

I feel so inspired at a fashion show, from seeing someone’s creativity come to life, if it be hair and make-up, styling, modelling and or of course the clothes. The runway is electric with energy, the synergy of all the creative teams coming together in such a dynamic way, and I binge feed on it as it ignites desires and lust for what I see on the runway.

I fear that I will not want to return after gorging on all the wonderful activity. Can you imagine the shopping!

Better make some room in my suitcases.

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