Monday, 18 September 2017


We’re living in the era of experimental fashion which is perfect for those who love to make a bold statement. That’s the great thing about statement socks, they pack a punk and are relatively inexpensive (depending on the sock you wish to sport).
Blazer: Oxford
Shirt & Tie: James Harper
Pants: Department 5
Shoes: Ted Baker
Socks & Ring: Paul Smith
Sunglasses: Dangerfield

Everyone practically wears socks on a daily basis and even fashion minimalists can’t argue with this easy to style accessory. For men the statement sock is the equivalent of a statement necklace, a purse or handbag for women and when spending more than a few dollars on a pair you do want people to see them.

Shoes: Ben Sherman
Socks: Gucci

Not just for women, the statement sock “trend” can easily be adapted to men’ fashion making every one of your outfits stand out! The “trend” is nothing ground-breaking and has been around for many decades, but the variety of socks now available, how you choose to style them is new. From embellishments to colours and patterns it is time for the bare ankles to move aside for this pepped up explosion of individuality.

Statement socks make every outfit stand out in the crowd. If you are more courageous and want to make a statement then this “trend” is for you.
Socks:Ted Baker

Wear them with confidence and pride by mixing them with a chunky statement shoe for a strong styling atheistic. Making your socks the focal point of your outfit is easy by wearing a minimalist ensemble. The key is to build your look from the feet up.

Socks:Ted Baker

For those a little more daring and flamboyant, you definitely want to pair your socks with a great pair of shorts that end above the knee to show off the details of your statement socks. Summer is just around the corner, so it’s only natural to want to show off your legs with this great combination. Some may argue that this look is very geeky. Have you not heard of geek chic?

Socks &: Paul Smith

As far as office attire goes, sock experimentation requires a fairly simple getup (a tonal look is always a safe bet). Utilising a pair of your favourite loafers can take your look from drab to fab and reinvent and bring focus to your shoes.

Socks: Gucci

Before settling on a pair of socks, I recommended that you know what you want the socks to do. Do you want them to be the focal point, do you want them to contrast with what you are wearing, match or compliment. I am a firm believer in fit for purpose. The statement sock trend is going nowhere, choosing correctly is important, although fortunately this accessory is relatively cheap to purchase and dispose of.

It is time to get experimental and pimp up your ankles, the options are endless that you can try this summer. Have fun with your ankles and throw in a bit of colour, pattern, or print. 

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