Monday, 31 July 2017


Melbourne has a strong love affair with the liquid black gold, creating a coffee culture that perfectly combines with it's underground street art scene. You could be easily escorted to sit on a milk crate to drink your grinned beans of choice, or you could be provided with a ridiculous deconstructed latte made in an Avocado (what will they think of next?)
Melbourne Street Art 2017
Coat: Boohoo
Sweater: Oxford
Jeans: Factorie
Shoes: Just Cavalli

Melbourne is one of the coffee and street art capitals of the world and for good reason. The great thing about the street art is that it is completely free, unlike the coffee. No long ques or obnoxious entry fees to view the offerings that decorate every second wall and lane way in the CBD and on the city fringe.
Melbourne Street Style Winter 2017
Blazer: Oxford
Shirt: James Harper
Pants: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Gucci
Shoes:Ted Baker

The street art contributes to a vibrant urban environment that continually changes on a day to day to basis making it always exciting to revisit. When days are filled with grey skies, there is no better way of embracing the short winter days than by sitting alfresco wrapped up in a large coats watching people go by, or sipping a hot coffee weaving your way through the city with your takeaway coffee looking at the hidden nooks and crannies that showcase some of the clever art work.
Street Art Melbourne
Coat: Oxford
Sweater: Gazman
Pants: Eredidelduca
Bag: Gucci
Shoes: Adidas

From Brunswick and Fitzroy to lane ways in the city, there is endless creative masterpieces on show. In a landscape that is forever changing it is the perfect back drop to capture on film.

Men's style guide Melbourne
Coat and pants: Boohoo
Polo: Hamaki-ho
Shoes: Adidas

Throw on a nice long warm coat and spend hours wandering through layers of spray painted works. You cannot take a wrong turn. Between the office buildings and multistory car parks hide some of the most details works hiding in plain view.

Oxford Dangerfield and Jack London 2017
Blazer: Oxford
Sunglasses: Kmart
Pants: Asos
Shoes: Ted Baker

Melbourne is a melting pot of multiculturalism with art, food, fashion and style. The great thing in Melbourne is you stumble across culture at each turn. Imagine heading off to the Movies and taking a short cut down a laneway, your immediately exposed to art and colour rather than drab office buildings and minimalism architecture, and don't get me started on the wonderful street performance artists that are on most corners. 
Sunglasses: Kmart
Sweater: Connor Clothing
Rollneck: Target
Pants: Manuel Ritz
Shoes: Moschino
Gloves: Dents

So what are you waiting for, grab a coffee and take a look at all this free art and culture ripe for the picking. 

Melbourne Style and the City
Socks: Ted Baker
Pants & Shoes: Asos
Sweater: Jack London
Coat:  Oxford
Sunglasses: Dangerfield

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


 Baby it's getting cold outside, and gloves are the answer to keeping your hands and fingers toasty warm. Gloves have been around for centuries and have been worn by some of the most influential men and women. There are so many types of gloves in the world that to write about each one of them would take me forever to write, here I will focus on the ones I believe are necessity for any fashionista!


Jacket: Roger David
Shirt: H&M
Bow tie: Jack London
Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Gloves: Karl Lagerfeld

A pair of Winter gloves should protect your hands and keep them warm, dry and functional in the nastiest of winter weather whilst looking awesome! Some gloves are practical, like a full arm length leather opera glove or ski gloves, but not practical when it comes to using touchscreen phones, retrieving money from ones wallet or picking up small items. As always, and I stress this in every post, purchase for purpose. 

 I am not a huge fan of hand sewn gloves where they have been stitched on the outside. They tend to be more bulky with the top stitch, thicker fabrics and not as form fitting. As much as I appreciate the craftmanship involved in creating a pair, for me they look very chunky on my hands and make me feel like I should apply for a job as Mickey Mouse at Disneyland. 

For the more style conscious read on!

A driving glove is the perfect balance between personal style and fashion and will keep your hands warm. Think Jason Statham in The Transporter, Ryan Gosling in Driver. Bad boys wear the badass gloves. Fun fact, driving gloves were Originally developed for drivers of Formula One due to the cool air and wooden steering wheels!


Gloves: Dents
Coat and sweater: Oxford
Sunglasses: Le Specs
Shirt: H&M
Ear Muffs: Alannah Hill

A new entry into this accessory scene is the touchscreen glove, combining technology and fashion together for everyday use. Typically I find these are of a hideous design and look like a mitten or something my cat would enjoy hours tirelessly playing with. I am not a huge fan of these, but my cat maybe?


Shirt: H&M
Waistcoat: Connor Clothing
Pants & bow tie: Jack London
Shoes: Oxford
Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Gloves: Karl Lagerfeld

I do however enjoy the finger-less gloves which keeps your hands warm but allows you to utilise your fingers. The biggest influencer of this style is of course Uncle Karl (Karl Lagerfeld to those who do not know him). On screen style icons such as Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens also wore these religiously. The great thing about this style is the practicality and the wide range of styles that are available, prints, fabrics and embellishments. 


Gloves: Karl Lagerfeld
Coat: Oxford
Waistcoat and shirt: Connor Clothing
Sunglasses: Dangerfield

Full gloves for colder days or strolls will protect in the battle against winter. Gloves in elegant fabrics, leathers and suede's, knits (Missoni do a wonderful zig zag print) and so on will make your ensemble pop! 


Sunglasses: Gucci
Sweater & Bag: Ted Baker
Scarf: Oxford
Shoes: H&M
Gloves: Dents

Gloves can easily transform your outfit from drab and boring to chic and stylish, especially if the color pops or is a complimentary colour to the rest of your outfit. Again if you are a fan of monochrome looks, this is where gloves would be uniquely used to make your outfit stand out. You are only limited by your creativity and your style.

Monday, 10 July 2017



What I adore about the wonderful world of fashion is there are no rules anymore. With summer clearly over in Melbourne, I like to dwell in the past and resurrect one of the looks I enjoyed from last Summer. Of course I am talking about the Suit-Trainer ensemble. One of my favourite and easiest looks too style. This is by no means a Jerry Seinfield denim and trainers story!

Thanks to the big fashion houses leading the way with remaking the trainer and branding them to within an inch of their life via bright colours, signature monograms, embellishments, there has never been a better time to dress down a suit and still remain stylish.
I am not one to confirm to a uniform at work but still want to achieve chic, clean and classy looks that are required when working within the sector I do. 


Whatever your budget maybe, you can achieve this look. You will find similar no name shoes at some of the biggest variety stores across the country for next to nicks! Of course your trusty kicks that you wear to the gym or from your recent marathon will not help you achieve pulling off this modern look. 


As always you know I am a dress for purpose person. It is always important to consider the occasion you’ll be sporting this look for, or any look for that matter. I like to wear this look to work or out for dinner with friends. It's chic and simple to achieve and is super comfortable.
For my friends out there who love to wear lots of black (there are many of you ) using statement trainers in a bright colour against a monochromatic ensemble works particularly well. Furthermore for a casual look  chinos and an untucked shirt with trainers is a perfect casual look. Other options are  


You do not need to stick to a white trainer! Embrace a print or strong colour, and remember if they are white, look after them. No one enjoys a white shoe that is not clean!
Personally I like to stick to a slim fit suit and pair with trainers that pop or in contrasting colours. 

The biggest question I am asked is should I wear socks with a suit or go sockless? Honestly, I hate socks being shown unless it is completely intentional and they are a focus point for your ensemble. The second question then is "Don't your shoes stink?".
It is like people have never heard of sockettes!

What do you think of this style?

Suit: BrigginsShirt: Bell & BarnettShoes: Adidas

Thursday, 6 July 2017


A pocket square adds life to an outfit, offering sophistication and elegance. There are so many options these days with pocket squares. Pocket squares range in price from inexpensive to expensive. Truth be known if you are smart and thrifty you will head to your local vintage store and pick up some scarves and cut them to shape. In this post I aim to inspire you to think differently about this elegant tradition and how you can style them in different ways. Add a little extra polish to your outfit with the ultimate stylish accessory.


Blazer: Oxford
Shirt: Siviglia 
Bow tie & Pocket Square: James Harper
Pants: Boohoo
Shoes: Ted Baker
Socks: Paul Smith
Sunglasses: Oxford
Watch: Roamer

Uh oh!

Firstly, we need to cover off on what not to do with a pocket square. My personal opinion is a pocket square should not be the same fabric and print as a tie. This is a beginners mistake and appears lazy, unflattering and somewhat boring. This makes me scream. The same as men who walk around with a suit placard on a coat or jacket sealed shut. Get me the unpicker immediately!


What colour should it be?

A pocket square should in fact compliment the colours of your ensemble. You can balance out an outfit to tie in a key item to your outfit (i.e. shoes). The main colour a pocket square should match( if your outfit is perfectly colour balanced), is the shirt. It does not need to be the exact same colour, it could be lighter, darker, a different print, or only a complimentary colour within the pocket square.


Tie & pocket square: Bows n Ties

Shirt & sunglasses: Oxford
Shoes: Ted Baker
Socks: Paul Smith
Watch: Roamer

How do I fold it?

The pocket square can be displayed in many ways. From "The Fold", "One Tip Up", "Triple point" to "The pocket stuff". All these are personal preference. Two of my favourites are the triple point and the pocket stuff. There are many editorials online with how to fold. 


Shirt, bow tie & pocket square: James Harper
Pants: Asos
Sunglasses: Oxford


If you are wearing a full matching suit, break up the style by adding a contrasting pocket square, for instance, blue suit, throw a red pocket square in to add some freshness and variety. Remember that these are an amazing little accessory that pack a punch and can update an outfit and give you some edge. What better way to compliment your sharp looking suit than with a pocket square.

Upsize me

Double up! It is becoming more "trendy" (detest that word) to wear two pocket squares in the one pocket. Unsure of how to wear two pocket squares? I suggest you start with a base colour and then a contrasting print. With the right outfit this look is magnificent. Choose wisely! Obviously begin with patterns and colours in your wardrobe to introduce yourself to the double up. 


Pants: Department 5

Shirt: vintage find 
Sunglasses: Gucci
Jacket: Boohoo


Experiment with different styles and see what feels comfortable with you. This is an accessory that gives an outfit life or makes it fall short of being stylish. Best of all this accessory will not wear out, become out of date or cost you hefty amounts of money. 


Sunglasses: Gucci

Tie & pocket square: Bows n Ties
Shirt: Oxford
Pants: Manuel Ritz

One great way to make a statement with your pocket square is to team it with a lapel pin. There are so many options these days for lapel accessories, from brooches, flowers, feathers and so much more. As always I encourage you to think outside the box and experiment with different styles and colours.