Monday, 25 September 2017


In just a few days, Australia’s fashion lens will be directed at Canberra for FASHFEST. There will be plenty of fresh wardrobe inspiration on display both on and off the catwalk for the 3 days of festivities.

As I sit in bed sipping on my coffee, what does one pack for a fashion festival? Flying from interstate there is limitations to how much you can pack to run with the fashion pack. I would love to bring my entire wardrobe but unfortunately the plane does not have enough storage.

With a background in project management I apply the same principles to what I pack in my suitcase and plan, plan plan! Not being prepared can pose a problem. Considering weather at all times of the day to factor in coats and footwear selection, where events will be held, indoors or outdoors and of course purpose, will I be dancing the night away or sitting quietly at a stool at QT Canberra (likely dancing)

I always pack for the exact amount of days and the amount of events I will be attending. Typically two outfit changes a day and a range of items to be prepared for what may come my way without the need to over pack.

Planning looks ahead of time ensures more time is spent networking and meeting new people and keeping your eyes open for inspiration. Every look is planned in advance and with a busy schedule ahead of me at FASHFEST it is smart to do so. I tend to create inspiration boards or look book pages to easily see what pieces complement each other and how many items I will need to pack. It's a great way to see how one piece can be worn multiple times if needed, especially if you are a mood dresser like myself.

My selections dangle on the rack awaiting to be tucked into the suitcase for their hour journey north. There are some familiar pieces from some of my favourite brands that I wear constantly such as James Harper, Oxford and Jack London. Fashion is fun and freedom and I love being a little expressive or different at fashion shows. With such fantastic basics already in my wardrobe it is more a styling challenge of putting pieces together in a fresh and different way and jazzing the outfits up with some accessories.

Of course I definitely have some debut pieces in my suitcase for a fashion event. Who doesn’t love to feel extra fabulous in new things at a runway show or after party? I don’t bring any extra choices, what I pack must all work together in case I have last minute changes.

As you know I am a sucker for a pair of shoes and the hardest thing is packing a limited number of pairs and making sure I still have room for my hydrating masks, hair product and body tonics. First world problems but each piece that is packed must be worn.

I am one of those travelers who wear head-to-toe looks on planes. I always keep my airport look simple and classic. As I have said before, if the plane is going to crash I want to be in a decent outfit in the afterlife, not a pair of sweat pants. The airport look is also a great go to look for the three days. Effortlessly chic yet stylish. Perfect for dinners with new friends you meet at the catwalk if you need an outfit reserve.

My suitcase lays open on the floor haunting me with its emptiness and size whilst I apologies to the shoes I am not packing. Join me on Instagram and Facebook for up to date coverage of all the festivities that is FASHFEST and to see what I did finally pack in that 79cm case.

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