Friday, 19 May 2017


Who else can relate to this? That feeling of warmth and excitement as your heart starts to beat a little bit faster. An item that is an extension of your personality or something you know that you will wear to death! This treasured piece can awaken a lust and desire that you thought not possible, and then your fingertips grab it immediately and its like meeting an old friend. You fall in love with it and simply must have it? 


Shirt: @moschino
Sunglasses: @kmartaus

Falling in love can also cause heartbreak. I read an article recently about "Compulsive Spending Disorder" where it stated " Sufferers may feel compelled to splash out on things they do not need, want or use because they enjoy the recognition or importance that being a big shopper brings, or to bolster low self-esteem". After initially laughing at this article with a friend, I did seriously contemplate if I had a shopping addiction. The truth is, I do not shop to boost low self esteem. I do not shop for anyone else. I rarely shop with people. I have no need to be seen in the latest season. In fact when and what I purchase, is because I have fallen in love and I have it for many many years. I cannot help that I easily fall in love with beautiful colours and fabrics, embellished accessories, well constructed bags or unusual shoes. 


I could restrict my "love affairs" by resisting entering a store, not opening a shopping app on my phone or reading the delightful love letters of sales from mailing lists I have joined. Temptation is everywhere, including the window displays on Collins Street, Melbourne. 


Sunglasses: @oxfordshop
Shirt: @oxfordshop
Jeans: @cottonon
Shoes: @doucals

Who doesn't like new things? A new shirt is just like a new hair cut. A new pair of shoes can make you feel like you can take on the world, and don't get me started with a new suit. WORLD DOMINATION. 

Shoes: @doucals

Falling in love ultimately leads to heart break. Your favourite shoes can no longer be saved by taking them to the repair man, your favourite bag has had an accident with a stain. Unfortunately some love affairs are not meant to last a lifetime. Others are. I still have items from 10 years ago that I still wear and every time I wear them it ignites the passion I felt initially. The cruelest heartbreak is the "haunting and longing". Nothing haunts me like the things I did not buy. 


Blazer: @oxfordshop
Shirt: @helmutlang
Bag: @doucals
Sunglasses: @kmartaus

In this day an age of mass produced "disposable" fashion, quality, cut, style and design are the key points of difference that instantly run through my head when I fall in love. If it is a sample, it makes it even more desirable. If it is a one off...........all bets are off. If it is an item I cannot find in stores in Australia, immediately I will fall a little bit more in love. Yes the industry may be designed that way, but so is my heart. 

Ultimately, you can never control your heart. If you fall in love with a giant sequined panda sweatshirt, so be it. Truth is if you love it and wear it with love and passion, everyone around you will love it and the energy you are producing. When love finds you, I say "grab it with both hands and never let go" unless I am on the other end of that item. Then watch out!

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