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When most men think of wardrobe staples, they think: crisp white shirts, navy chinos, a good blazer and a pair of black shoes. Whilst I do agree with them that they are wardrobe "essentials", I believe in wardrobe staples. There is a distinct difference between a staple and a necessity. A favourite staple of mine, and I hope of yours is Leopard print. I am very similar to the animal. I am of a lighter physique, adaptable, long body and like my meat. I encourage you to start small by adapting this fantastic pattern into your wardrobe with accessories at first. Shoes, belts, bags and scarves are all great to work the pattern in, without being over the top. As I always say, balance is the key. Let's look at some ways you can incorporate this. 


Start small if you have never embraced this pattern. A scarf can add just the right amount of interest, either tied in a bow like I have done above, or you could leave it untied. By using a small item to introduce yourself to the print you will soon fall in love with it and want to try more.


Keep it Simple

If the above is too outrageous for you at first. Pair it back. Introducing yourself to a new pattern can be confronting, just like dating! Start small with a pair of shoes and pair it with a minimal look.

Blazer: @oxfordshop
Shirt: @cottonon
Sunglasses: @kmartau


Above I have advanced the introductory look by combining wardrobe "necessities" with "staples" and created a fresh modern look. These Roberto Cavalli loafers have been a blessing and I wear them all the time. If an outfit is a little bit "safe" immediately I turn to these loafers. 

Blazer: @oxfordshop
Shirt: @hm
Pants: @cheapmonday
Bow tie: @dirkbikkembergs
Sunglasses: @gucci


Once you have mastered the loafer and feel comfortable with them, embrace mixing with small items of a contrasting texture. In this case the Karl Lagerfeld pouche is a reflective surface. Mixing with metallic and soft neutrals or white colours also assist in making the leopard pattern POP.

Pouche: @karllagerfeld

Sunglasses: @kmartaus


Let's jump In

You are now a star at mixing the pattern in with every day items from your closet. Now is the time to be brave and purchase an item of clothing with the print. In this case, lets start with a Tshirt. This oversized tee is great for relaxed brunches, movies and casual settings. It is of the darker variety of the pattern so reflects well of denim and colours with the print. See how I have balanced the outfit with the leopard shoes? Style tip!

Sunglasses: @oxfordshop
Shirt: @moschino
Pants: @topman
Shoes: @roberto_cavalli
Jewellery: @erikaboutique


Jacket: @roger_david
Shirt: @moschino
Dungarees: @boohooMANofficial
Shoes: @l_artigiano_del_cuoio
Sunglasses: @lespecs

As you know, I am not afraid of a pop of colour. Certain colours work wonderfully with leopard. Obviously Black and White for minimal modern looks. If you are like me and love colour, red, purple, yellow and green work a treat with this pattern. These jeans from Department 5 are a fav of mine, I have worn them everywhere and always get many compliments on the cut and style. If you fancy yourself a bit of a rockstar why not pair a leopard pant with a leather jacket! Serious George Michael vibes.
Sunglasses: @gucci
Sweater: @oxfordshop
Shirt: @ted_baker

Pants: @department5

Shoes: @oxfordshop

Bag: @davidelfinofficial


I call the above look. Kate Moss. Pair the leopard fitted long sleeve with a blazer, turn up the sleeves on the rolled up blazer sleeves and pair with your favourite pair of denim. Be confident, be bold, let the world hear your growl. GO forth and spread the gospel of leopard.

Blazer: @oxfordshop

Pants: @cottonon

Sunglasses: @oxfordshop

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