Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Summer usually means less style with long days spent at the beach to stay cool. For men you can stay cool whilst looking good when the temperatures soar.
Men's beach looks summer
Shirt: James Harper
Shorts: Boohoo
Shoes: Lacoste
I am a huge fan of  the beach as I am sure so many of you are. It is relaxing, with nothing to do but read a good magazine, dips in the water and sunning yourself on the sand like a lizard. 
Swimwear for men 2018 trends
Swimwear: Marcuse
Shorts of course are a wardrobe necessity in the Australian sun. When I find a style that fits I purchase them in every colour possible. For my long 34 inch legs finding shorts that fit in all the right places can be significantly hard. 
Shorts: Boohoo
Shirt: YD Australia

I enjoy the preppy style, but do like to mix it up with some pastels or bright colours, it is summer after all which is the funnest season of all when it comes to lifestyle. One of the safest choices is navy shorts and a classic white shirt. There is so much class and elegance in a shirt that is multi- purpose.
Summer in Australia
Shorts: Connor 
Shirt: Oxford
Swimwear: Marcuse
You don’t have to play it safe. Black or navy shorts can add new life to your existing wardrobe by adding a colourful solid shirt or florals. Branch out and try to work them into your wardrobe. You will look effortlessly chic for any beach encounter. 

So head to the beach in something practical yet comfortable. 

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