Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Love black? Constantly look like you’re attending a funeral? Black is a classic colour, especially when combined with its contrasting friend White. Whilst I appreciate that black is flattering, slimming, timeless and classic, I believe our world at the moment really needs colour. In a depressing world of terror, fear and uncertainty and terrible headlines, why would you not want to be free in your everyday life? Remember fashion and style is freedom. 

Not sure of how to overcome your reliance on black? Just like an addiction, the first step is realising you have a problem. Congratulations by reading this far, I think you have identified you have to the later, and committed to embracing some colour in your life.

Let’s start off with baby steps by introducing an accessory into your outfit that necessarily is not needed to complete the look. For example sunglasses! Grab yourself a brightly coloured pair of sunglasses. Obviously when you are strutting down the street in your funeral attire these will make the outfit pop and give you a seriously chic playful look. Once inside you can easily slip them off and resume your daily routine of timeless black. Options if you are not one to embrace colour on your face, other alternatives are a colourful hat, or a pair of gloves in a bright colour. Monochrome outfits are always classic and easily achieved. A savvy way to introduce colour and not spend a huge amount of money is through scarves, and jewellery. Think of a pop of colour against your funeral ensemble.

ways to not wear black
Coat: Van Heusen
Sweater: Connor Clothing

Scarf: Dotti

Jeans: Cotton On

Boots: no name

Now that you have graduated from orientation with colour, it is time to embrace the next step. Do not fear, you can still wear your classic black. No need to have strong withdrawals to black just yet. Next step is to incorporate a bag, a belt or a pair of shoes into your wardrobe in colour! Totes in bright colours or patterns, oversized bags in bold stripes or metallic, a pair of shoes in vibrant colours will emphasize your entire outfit. By mixing your existing wardrobe with new statement pieces will save you time and money shopping for a completely new wardrobe. Smart purchases make all the difference and a vibrant pair of shoes can make even the most basic ensemble look more stylish.
Shirt & Shorts: H&M

Deep breath my black loving friends. It is time to commit to a piece of clothing in a colour. There is nothing like a pop of colour to turn heads. For a sophisticated look and to not look like a total beginner, continue with what you have learnt with your monochromatic style of all black with a colourful shoe. A standout statement piece of clothing in your ensemble could be for instance, a jacket. Let the jacket take the colourful place of the shoes by revert to your black shoes and let the only colour be the statement jacket. 

Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Asos

Sunglasses: Kmart

The same can be applied for any piece of clothing, all black suit, red shirt or black on top with colour from the waist down. Below I have used pants to be the pop of colour.
How to be stylish with colour
Shirt: H&M

Shoes: Asos

Belt: Dsquared2

Sunglasses: Kmart

Congratulations! By now you have probably learnt that you can create combinations with colourful accessories that match or by introducing colourful footwear with a statement piece of clothing and discovered how to balance the colours. You have likely begun strutting down the street, smiling at people or have people smiling at you or complimenting you on your outfit. Well done!

I can hear some of you now, “but I wear grey” “I like navy”. If you are a fan of the previously mentioned colours of grey and navy, the same principles apply that you have just become educated with. An all navy outfit, grey or olive green can really stand the chic test with a pop of colour. Hot pink, yellow and red work beautifully with all the above mentioned exquisitely.
Men wearing colour
Shirt: Paul Smith
Shorts & Shoes:: Boohoo

Blazer:: Connor Clothing

Sunglasses: Oxford

Colour and confidence go hand in hand. Let your new admiration for colour flood into your closets and your life. Paint the world in colour, be brave, be brazened and be free.


  1. You have a great style. My favourite is however your last outfit.

    xx Veronika

    1. Thanks so much, I'm so pleased to hear from you Veronika